Greens blog

The Greens Committee strive to maintain and improve the two courses as best we can with the usual finance and weather restrictions. We are on a program of getting our grasses to traditional “links” types. We started with the greens, which now are a testimony to this move. We continue to the aprons, & as with most change, sometimes there will be a time when the surface may look poor, but it will come right in time.
We also have been “re-doing” our bunkers. We have decided to use Eco Bunker material to give longer life and so far the feedback has been positive, some tweaks may be needed, but during his recent (2018) visit, Martin Ebert endorsed the Eco Bunker idea. Ebert’s report has left us with a great programme of recommendations, which will guide the committee in the way forward, while dealing with the day to day issues that keep occurring.
Currently the course is as “linksy” as you will see anywhere, and providing an enjoyable challenge to all golfers.